Our experts will give unbiased advice on whether UV - cure is the most appropriate technology to suit your process. Design of curing lines, application equipment layout, etc., is a free service from Whitehall Technical Services.

Full engineering of specialist lines can be carried out or contact with machine manufacturers made on your behalf.

We will design and manufacture chemistry to suit your needs.

We can put you in contact with contract coaters and printers to do your painting/coating/printing.

We have a pilot roll coating line in the Papakura factory and can demonstrate coatings on your substrates and show you how conveyorised paint lines can run at 5 - 200 meters per minute wet to dry.

CIP or cure-in-place technology is a new branch of UV curing and involves the use of a "UV Mower" to mow your floor dry after application of the coatings. Huge savings in time are achieved by being able to have a floor back into service same day or even same hour. The coatings literally dry at walking speed. Painting companies involved in floor coating - please see us for a franchise to use this technology in your area. We will supply training and a UV Mower. Special niches include line marking to define fork hoist routes in factories, factory floor coating, public buildings etc. -- anywhere that needs an instant dry or can't have the problem of solvent fumes throughout the building. For higher quality finishing imagine being able to sand 10 minutes after coating application and immediately recoat.

CONTACT US with your questions - we thrive on a challenge